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Jumpin' Jack's Spice Blends

Jumpin' Jack's Spice Blends

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Bring the Magic to your next dish with our Jumpin Jack's Spice Blends! All natural no preservative spice blends with only the freshest ingredients.
BLACK MAGIC POWDER - Jumpin' Jack's Black Magic Powder is the ultimate steakhouse spice blend, carefully crafted to elevate the flavor of any steak to new heights. This magical seasoning combines a harmonious blend of spices including black pepper, garlic, onion, salt. Whether a grilling king or a crockpot queen, this versatile seasoning enhances the natural flavors of meat, creating a mouthwatering crust and succulent, juicy interior making every steak become a masterpiece worthy of a fine steakhouse.
COWBOY MAGIC POWDER - Jumpin' Jack's award-winning Cowboy Magic Powder is a bold and flavorful spice blend inspired by the rugged spirit of the wild west. Crafted with a blend of chili powder, coffee, cumin, and other spices, this magical seasoning adds a hearty and smoky depth to any dish. Whether used to season grilled meats, sprinkle over roasted veggies, or incorporated into chili recipes, Jumpin' Jack's Cowboy Magic Powder brings a taste of the frontier to every meal.
DRAGON MAGIC POWDER - Jumpin' Jack's award-winning Dragon Magic Powder is a fiery and flavorful spice blend that packs a punch. Crafted with a combination of red and green jalapenos, along with aromatic cumin, garlic, and onion, this magical seasoning adds a bold and spicy kick to any dish.  Whether sprinkled over grilled meat, stirred into sauces, or used to spice up dishes or marinades, Dragon Magic Powder brings an irresistible heat and depth of flavor to your favorite recipes unleashing the dragon in every bite.
JAMAICAN MAGIC POWDER - Jumpin' Jack's Jamaican Magic Powder is a delightful blend of Caribbean-inspired spices that brings the flavors of Jamaica to your kitchen. With a harmonious mix of allspice, cinnamon, thyme, and parsley, this magical seasoning adds warmth and depth to a variety of dishes. Whether used to season meats, veggies, or rice dishes, Jamaican Magic Powder offers a tantalizing fusion of sweet, savory, and herbal notes that will transport your taste buds to the sunny shores of the islands with every bite.
SAMURAI MAGIC POWDER - Jumpin' Jack's Samurai Magic Powder is an enchanting blend of oriental-inspired spices that captures the essence of the Far East. Infused with the aromatic flavors of Chinese five-spice and cardamom and enhanced with the nutty richness of black and white sesame seeds, this magical seasoning adds depth and complexity to any dish. Whether used to season stir-fries, marinades, or grilled meats, prepare to embark on a flavorful journey with every bite.
Dragon Magic Powder - International Spicy Flave Award Winner - 2021
Cowboy Magic Powder - Scovie Award Winner - 2024
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Pepper Butter?????

Pepper Butter FAQ

What is Pepper Butter?

Pepper Butter is simply peppers smooth like butter.

What do you do with Pepper Butter

Everything! Pepper Butter is fantastic as a dip or salsa out of the jar. We love it added to cream cheese for a dip or to use in recipes like stuffed mushrooms. Add it to chicken salad and other recipes like corn bread. Top your tamales with it. Use it to glaze your pork butts or ribs. Simply top your breakfast eggs or smear it on your sandwiches. Pairs wonderfully with BBQ.