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Jumpin' Jack's

Jumpin' Jack's Salsa

Jumpin' Jack's Salsa

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Sweet and sassy Jumpin' Jack's Cranberry Salsa is great for dipping chips and dressing up your favorite Mexican dishes. Rich tomato flavor with a hint of sweet cranberries and zesty lime makes this a refreshing addition to any meal.

Jalapeño heat and a fresh tomato taste makes our Original Salsa the O.G. for your table.

18-24 Month Shelf Life

Fiery Food Show Winner - 2022

Scovie Award Winner - 2022

International Spicy Flav Award Winner - 2022

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Pepper Butter?????

Pepper Butter FAQ

What is Pepper Butter?

Pepper Butter is simply peppers smooth like butter.

What do you do with Pepper Butter

Everything! Pepper Butter is fantastic as a dip or salsa out of the jar. We love it added to cream cheese for a dip or to use in recipes like stuffed mushrooms. Add it to chicken salad and other recipes like corn bread. Top your tamales with it. Use it to glaze your pork butts or ribs. Simply top your breakfast eggs or smear it on your sandwiches. Pairs wonderfully with BBQ.