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Flavored Nuts

Flavored Nuts

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PECAN KETTLE CRUNCH - Pecan Kettle Crunch is a delicious German-style roasted pecan. This award-winning treat is known for its exceptional quality and irresistible flavor. These pecans are meticulously roasted and coated in a sweet, crunchy glaze, delivering a perfect balance of sweetness and nutty richness. Ideal for snacking or gifting, they reflect a dedication to premium ingredients and craftsmanship, making them a standout product in the gourmet snack market. Available in Deep Fork Foods or Karamella Packaging.

COWBOY KETTLE CRUNCH - Cowboy Kettle Crunch pecan snack is an award-winning delight, celebrated for its unique and bold flavor profile. These pecans are expertly roasted and coated with a savory blend of spices, offering a deliciously crunchy and flavorful experience. Perfect for snacking or sharing, this gourmet treat showcases a commitment to exceptional taste making it the perfect choice for pecan lovers. Available in Deep Fork Foods or Karamella Packaging.

JALAPENO PECAN CRUNCH - Jalapeno Pecan Crunch is an award-winning snack that brings a spicy twist to the classic Pecan Kettle Crunch. These pecans are roasted to perfection and coated with a sweet, crunchy glaze infused with a bold jalapeno kick. This unique combination of flavors delivers a delightful balance of sweetness and heat, making it a standout treat for those who crave a little spice in their snacks. Available in Deep Fork Foods or Karamella Packaging.

CABERNET PECAN CRUNCH - Cabernet Pecan Crunch offers a sophisticated twist on our classic Pecan Kettle Crunch. Infused with the rich, fruity notes of Cabernet wine, these roasted pecans are coated in a sweet, crunchy glaze that perfectly complements the wine’s depth. This unique blend of flavors creates an indulgent and memorable snacking experience, ideal for discerning palates and special occasions.

HONEY PECAN CRUNCH - Honey Pecan Crunch is a delightful snack that combines the natural sweetness of honey with the rich, nutty flavor of roasted pecans. Each pecan is coated in a luscious honey glaze, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and crunch. Ideal for snacking or adding a touch of sweetness to your favorite dishes, this treat exemplifies the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with Deep Fork Foods. 

HOT HONEY PECAN CRUNCH - Indulge in our Hot Honey Pecan Crunch, where sweet meets heat in a delightful symphony of flavors. Crunch pecans coated in a tantalizing glaze of honey and habanero heat offering a sweet warm kick in every bite.  Perfect for snacking or adding a kick to your favorite dishes.

Pecan Kettle Crunch - Tulsa State Fair - Twister 106.1 - Best “Okie” Food Award - 2017 

Jalapeno Pecan Crunch - SCOVIE AWARD GRAND PRIZE WINNER - 2021

Cowboy Kettle Crunch - Scovie Award Winner - 2021

Hot Honey Pecans Crunch - Scovie Award Winner - 2023, 2024

Jalapeno Pecan Crunch - Scovie Award Winner - 2024

Honey Pecan Crunch - Scovie Award Winner - 2024

Pecan Kettle Crunch - Scovie Award Winner - 2024

Jalapeno Pecan Crunch - Fiery Food Show Winner - 2021

Hot Honey Pecan Crunch - Fiery Food Show Winner - 2022

Cowboy Kettle Crunch - International Spicy Flave Award Winner - 2021

Jalapeno Pecan Crunch - International Artisan Flave Award Winner - 2022

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Pepper Butter?????

Pepper Butter FAQ

What is Pepper Butter?

Pepper Butter is simply peppers smooth like butter.

What do you do with Pepper Butter

Everything! Pepper Butter is fantastic as a dip or salsa out of the jar. We love it added to cream cheese for a dip or to use in recipes like stuffed mushrooms. Add it to chicken salad and other recipes like corn bread. Top your tamales with it. Use it to glaze your pork butts or ribs. Simply top your breakfast eggs or smear it on your sandwiches. Pairs wonderfully with BBQ.